Talk - At birth infants instantly recognize their parents’ voices and respond to the melody of voice. “Parentese” is the natural inclination many of us have to shorten our phrases, increase the range of our intonation and repeat familiar words. Use of “Parentese” has been well researched and proven to capture the attention of our tiniest communicators. When conversing with babies, it may feel a little bit one sided but rest assured the time you take talk with your little one on a daily basis establishes a foundation for future communication skills. So go ahead, employ your “Parentese” and talk about your daily activities when your little one is in ear shot. Pause to see if they smile or their eyes widen at the sound of your voice or they babble a response in return. Listen carefully because soon that babble will sound like a first word. Keep talking and watch their language grow. Before you know it your little communicative partner will be telling you about their daily activities.

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