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Infant Hearing Program


The Infant Hearing Program will screen any baby upon parent request until he or she is four months old. The ministry’s goal for service initiation for communication is 6 months of age.

All of the children in Niagara eligible for services from the Infant Hearing Program must be registered with the Lead Agency at Early Words in Hamilton. The Niagara Children's Centre can help you contact Infant Hearing Program Audiologists within the Niagara Region. Once children are admitted to the Infant Hearing Program, they may access the following services until discharge:

  • Audiology assessments and hearing aid management provided by a trained audiologist
  • Communication services to support language and early literacy development
  • Family support services to provide guidance and assistance in accessing community resources

If you are interested in finding out more about the Infant Hearing Program, please view the attached brochure, visit our Lead Agency’s website or visit the Ministy of Children, Community and Social Services website.

To prepare for your baby’s community clinic follow up screen, visit here.

Infant Hearing Program Information