Speech & Language Services


Initial Assessment

Any preschooler may be referred for a Speech and Language Initial Assessment. A Speech-Language Pathologist will determine whether or not the child's difficulties communicating are a cause for concern. At an initial assessment appointment you should expect to answer questions about your child's development, discuss your concerns about your child's communication difficulties, and allow your child to play and talk with you so that the Speech-Language Pathologist can observe the ways in which your child communicates. The outcome of an initial assessment may result in the therapist providing you with suggestions to help your child communicate better without the need for further intervention or a home program will commence with a follow up assessment and/or further treatment at one of our locations.


Children who have been recommended for more detailed assessment will be seen again by another Speech-Language Pathologist. Formal testing, observation, and caregiver interviews may be used to determine your child's level of speech and language development, to choose the most appropriate intervention model, if necessary and to determine the goals of intervention. The outcome of this re-assessment may be an intervention plan or discharge


Children who require speech and language intervention will receive a model of therapy that suits their individual needs. We provide home programming, consultation, formal instruction for parents, individual treatment and group treatment. Intervention models and goals are updated regularly by the Speech-Language Pathologist. Direct therapy may be provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist or Communicative Disorders Assistant.  The Preschool Speech and Language Program offers therapy at convenient sites across the Niagara Region.

Transition to School Planning 

Some children who are receiving therapy services and are approaching entry to Junior Kindergarten will need assistance to ensure a smooth transition to school. Should your child need transition to school planning, as determined by your school board, our Speech-Language Pathologists can join you in a meeting with school personnel to discuss your child's strengths and areas of need.